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The Story

A peace of mind…

is what my mother would request when asked what she would like for her birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day. As a child, I never understood what that meant. Now as an adult, I completely understand and can appreciate her desire to have something that could bring calmness, reassurance and a true sense of peace. That is why when we were thinking about a name for this business, there was only one choice. A great way to honor my mother and to help give others the peace of mind they deserve. We are so happy to honor and care for your loved one that we strive to give you calmness, reassurance and a true peace…like my mom requested.

Lisa and Patty

were blessed to become friends while working for a hospice organization and realized their mutual desire to care for families experiencing the stages of grief. They are excited and honored to play a small part in helping families care for their departed loved ones by creating beautiful spaces and personalized remembrances.

Thank you for your trust in A Peace of Mind!

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Lisa Rawlings 

has been at peace in

cemeteries since she was a

child. Unfortunately, she has

laid many loved ones to rest 

but feels their peace in these

tranquil settings. She has also

helped many others heal by

creating keepsakes from their

personal possessions through

another business venture. Lisa

lives in Fairfield, Pennsylvania

with her 3 children, 3 dogs, 3 cats, 14 chickens and 1 husband. She truly loves spending time with her family and getting dirty with her yard tools!

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                                              Patty Smith

                                               has had a great love for                                                   cemeteries since 

                                               childhood. A place that is

                                               so full of sadness yet 

                                               resonates with such

                                               immense peace was and

                                               remains a wonder to her!

                                              This love as well as the 

                                              desire to care for those in

                                              the throes of grief led her   

                                              to pursue a degree in Mortuary Science later in life alongside her other career pursuits. Patty resides in Washington County with her family and enjoys time in the mountains of West Virginia where she feels closer to heaven!

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